Cyber-Security Awareness Workshop

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Up to 50 pax per session
Session is up to 8 hours



Cyber-Security Awareness Workshop

The Cyber-Security Awareness Workshop helps you understand the threats with the use of the Internet and technology so that you can avoid becoming victims of cyber attacks. Students will learn how to navigate the internet safely and witness first-hand how hackers orchestrate their hacking attempts at users and enterprises. Ultimately, this engaging and interactive session with hands-on activities help you learn how to protect yourself while seizing the opportunities that technology bring to you.
Cyber-Security Awareness Workshop
Course Agenda

Introduction to Cyber-Security

The explosion of internet enabled multiple devices to interconnect, providing as more convenience and opportunities than ever before. However, this meant that computer hackers have the reach into all of these devices that hold our personal and sensitive data. With cyber attacks becoming ever more prevalent as users work-from-home and remotely from the defenses of their enterprise security, users are left to their own defense. As such, an introduction to understanding cyber-security helps users understand how the internet operate and the objectives and agenda of computer hackers so that you can better protect yourself.

Cyber Attack Demonstration of Browser Attacks

Users are transacting more and more sensitive information through the browsers into their mobile devices as well as computers. As such, hackers have pivoted to target the browser residing in the devices to bypass many security mechanisms that are meant to protect the device so as to provide a convenient space for the experience. With this in mind, hackers are now exploiting browsers to take full control of the users’ devices.

How Hackers Plan Their Heist And Stop These Threats

With the expansion of the dark web where services and users are anonymously connected, hackers can now operate freely in the dark web to coordinate and organize themselves to target individuals and entities. See first-hand how hackers operate in the dark web to plan their cyber attacks, rate their malicious software and even provide support to sell their hacking tools.

Wireless Hacking And Defenses For Users

Further expansion and use of wireless across public and in households, wireless connections become another critical target point for hackers. Users will learn how to identify fake wireless access points and protect themselves by learning to update their wireless security and protect their personal and sensitive data.

Defending Against Cyber Threats With Your Mobile Devices