Loi is one of the most sought after security consultants in the world with a waiting list of top enterprise clients.


Loi is a highly skilled cybersecurity professional with in-depth understanding of the domain as well as the success blueprint to replicate across multi-national corporations.

This helps your company propel to the next level of security defense against advanced persistent threats.

Here is how you can work with Loi…


Workshop with Loi

Loi has delivered hundreds of seminars and workshops for his clients in both large and mid-scale size.

The workshops are interactive and helps illicit a learning experience for the attendees so that they have a valuable takeaway from the workshop on understanding more about cybersecurity.

One to one consultation with Loi

Many clients do not have the time to go through a one-size-fits-all program to identify the specific strategies and tactics that will elevate your security posture to the next level.

You might have an immediate security challenge you need to remediate — now.

If this describes you and you wish Loi could detail the complete road map for your security strategy, telling you exactly what to do (and when), then this one-to-one consultation is for you.

Loi sets aside a limited number of sessions to work privately with clients like you who want to become his newest advisory customers.

Unlike the tens of thousands of dollars that Loi’s A-list clients have paid for on-going work, this advisory-only consultation is designed to quickly give you the exact steps to take so that you can move forward with a well-defined security plan — then execute on your own.


A day with Loi

Strategy + Implementation Sessions for Serious Thought Leaders

A day with Loi is for a security assessment and planning for security roadmap.

The security model you use today is going to get you where you want to steer your enterprise toward. You need a scalable, one-to-many model. Loi will show you exactly how to do it.

A day with Loi addresses the critical issues affecting enterprise who are struggling to comply to security standards. You’ll spend an entire day with Loi outlining in details the next level of your security driver.